All our flours are untreated, unbleached, contain no preservatives, no artificial coloring, or sweeteners. The miller then gently grinds the grains, preserving many of the nutrients. We receive the flour within days of milling and store it in our freezer.

The dough we make is minimally mixed, and all loaves are 100% hand-formed. Gentle hand shaping gives our loaves varying holes inside, and a more complex flavor than any other method. Slow, cool fermentation allows the dough to develop flavor naturally, without added sugars or flavoring agents. Next, our hearth oven produces a crispy and caramelized crust by injecting live steam during baking.

The loaves are cooled and distributed the same morning to ensure that all our customers have access to the best, freshest breads available.

These steps are nearly identical to the process handed down by generations of bakers. Since the ancient Egyptians first developed leavened (or "raised") breads, communities have made breads by these methods. We try to faithfully reproduce the most ancient breads, and bake modern breads (like Baguettes) with a rustic flair.